Canada wants to welcome one million new immigrants by the year 2020 Do you want to be one of the lucky one million? If your answer is yes then start looking for work in Canada! 60% or more of all immigrans come to Canada in one of the economic classess. Economic class equals job in Canada!

"Looking for work in Canada - A Guide for Foreign Workers" (video guide)

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Although this web site does not have hundreds of pages this 5 minute presentation will give you a very quick overview of the main sections of this web site. We hope after watching this video you will be able to use this web site to its fullest potential since it contains extremely useful information for all job seekers.

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Canadian Trucker web site

Hundreds if not thousands of truck driving jobs are advertised on the Canadian job posting web sites. Many Canadian employers hire foreign truck drivers. If you are interested in a truck driving job in Canada feel free to visit and use some of the services offered on the web site.

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Immigration Consultant

Milorad Borota - Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Information on this web site is provided by Milorad Borota, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, based in Vancouver BC, Canada.

He has been working as immigration consultant since July of 2011. Most of his immigration work is centered around temporary foreign workers and Canadian employers (LMIA applications, work permit applications, PR applications in economic programs etc.) You can contact Mr. Borota using contact form on this web site or through his web site.

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Foreign worker related news in Canada

Nov 01, 2017 - CBC- Canada will welcome nearly one million immigrants over the next three years (Economic class will make up about 60% of newcomers), according to the multi-year strategy tabled by the Liberal government today in what it calls "the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history."

Nov 03, 2017 - The Globe and Mail- Canada's strong pro-immigration policy is more than just a humanitarian stand. It's an economic imperative. In the late 1990s, the economy of Winkler, Man., was stuck in a rut. The problem wasn't a lack of opportunity. It was a lack of people.

September 18, 2016 - Calgary Herald - Desperate Canadian businesses seek changes to temporary foreign worker program - The workers move quickly at Sunterra Farm’s pork processing plant in the central Alberta town of Trochu. It’s a promising export for Canada, but one struggling to expand its market abroad because the meat-packing industry doesn’t have enough people to do the gruelling work.

December 14, 2016 - Manitoba Co-operator - Canadian farms need foreign workers - The Conference Board of Canada says the industry is facing a growing labour crunch. Canadian agriculture faces a serious roadblock to future expansion through a growing shortage of workers with the right skills, says a report from the Conference Board of Canada.

Immigration information not advice

On this web site you can find information about immigration topics such as LMIA, work permits, permanent resident applications etc. It is very important that you understand that all information presented here is just that - information. We do not provide immigration/legal advice of any kind on this web site!

What is the difference between immigration information and immigration advice?

A whole another web site could be dedicated to this topic however the easiest way to explain it would be this: immigration advice is when someone tells you what you should do or do not. Immigration information is when someone tells you what options are out there, when they tell you the facts that you can use to make better decisions yourself.

Database of Canadian employers

One can find a free database which lists over 50 000 Canadian employers on a government of Canada web site (see link below). This is invaluable resource for anyone who is seriously looking for work in Canada because this database can be searched according to different criteria (industry, province, number of employees etc.) What is most important you will also obtain contact e-mail address and company web site so that you can contact employers and also find out more about their company on their company website.

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Employers who hired foreign workers

Want to know which companies were authorized to use temporary foreign workers in the past? The document linked below shows all employers who successfully participated in Human Resources and Skills Development Canada's Labour Market Opinion process, which means they were legally authorized to hire Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada. This documents reflects all applications made to Ottawa over a two-year period ending June 2012.

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PR status already approved?

If your permanent resident (PR) status has been approved however you still have not arrived in Canada and you do not have secured job in Canada this program may be for you: Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) is an Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) funded program that delivers free pre-arrival services for job readiness and retention. Resources and courses are offered at no charge, these include: one-on-one orientation, job search support and workplace culture training, as well as referral to a wide range of post-arrival services upon entry to Canada.

Why Canada needs more skilled foreign workers

Sean Speer, Munk Senior Fellow at the MacDonald Laurier Institute, joins BNN to discuss Ottawa's new Global Skills Strategy initiative that aims to make it easier for businesses to hire foreign talent.

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Canada and global climate change

Canada is well known for its harsh winter weather. Global climate changes, especially those affecting the Arctic area, may benefit Canada in the long run. "Over the period 1948 to 2013, the average annual temperature in Canada has warmed by 1.6 °C (relative to the 1961-1990 average), a higher rate of warming than in most other regions of the world". "The net medium-term outlook is for a likely modest increase in agricultural food production. Longer and warmer growing seasons would allow higher-value warmer-weather crops to be grown further north (where soil conditions permit), lengthen outdoor feeding seasons for livestock, and allow the maple syrup industry to expand northward. "

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